India’s Offbeat Tourist Destinations You Must Visit

Everyone have heard of and read approximately the famous destinations that everyone travels to. And, whilst we visit these places, the crowds crush us. So, this year plan your holidays to the tremendous offbeat holiday destinations  and store yourselves from being a part of a crowd. Loosen up and soak in the tranquility and exquisiteness of those destinations.

Kerala – Devikulam – Perched within the mountainous location near the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border, Devikulam overwhelms you with lovely perspectives. With the cool climate and excellent rolling tea gardens, this small metropolis is a breath of sparkling air. Devikulam has a spiritual significance too – it is believed that Goddess Sita, once bathed in the pristine Devikulam Lake. The water of this lake is understood for its recuperation powers because of the rich minerals present in it. This metropolis is special and fairly untouched – do now not wait anymore, e-book your tickets now!

Kerala – Devikulam – Perched in

Himachal Pradesh – Malana Village & Khajjiar

Malana Village boasts of a fixed of orthodox villagers who declare to be the descendants of Alexander, The brilliant! It takes round 3 hours of the trek to reach this captivating nature’s marvel. It’s feral and sublimity will transfer you to a few areas heavenly. The strangest bit is that nobody apart from the villagers is allowed to touch something or everybody (sure, it is proper!). you’ll word a sacred temple which could fill your hearts with amazement while traveling this one among a kind village. Be prepared to be taken aback at each point – the weirdness of this solitary village is creepy yet captivating.

Malana Village

Khajjiar, nestled inside the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh is not anything quick of a photo postcard town. Recognized to be the Indian Switzerland, Khajjiar has an exquisite vibe and attraction that stumps you at the first actual sight. The inexperienced meadow, dense deodar, and pine forests upload to the splendor of this verdant paradise. The Khajjiar Lake, the expanse of the pasture lands and the forests make this little town a heavenly region to unwind from the day by day rut of the town lifestyles. With summers placing in, this is the first-rate time to take a ride to the cool and delightful Khajjiar.


Andhra Pradesh – Araku Valley

A educate trip from Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley is one of the maximum scenic routes in our United States of America – almost picture postcard like! Well-known for its coffee plantations, Araku Valley is first-rate determined taking walks. Whilst you are right here, visit the truly suitable Padmapuram Gardens. The gardens are famous for the placing huts – nicely, you need to visit to consider it! Wait now not, e-book your tickets and head out for a one among a kind excursion.

Andhra Pradesh – Araku Valley

Jammu & Kashmir – Gurez Valley

The pristine, fascinating, Paradise like Gurez Valley is Kashmir’s fine stored secret. The drop lifeless splendid valley acted as the Gateway to the Silk course in historic instances. a long time later, Gurez valley’s proximity to the India and Pakistan border has made it a risky proposition to discover. Perched deep into the Himalayas, the valley is a treasure trove of uncommon views and fantastic herbal beauty. The mighty Kishenganga River flows via the Gurez valley giving it an image postcard appearance. Visit the surprising Gurez Valley to discover the immensely terrific and unmatched landscapes.

Jammu & Kashmir – Gurez Valley

Goa – Dudhsagar Waterfalls

When we think of Goa, we think about the seaside. Now not many think of exploring other treasures of Goa. The amazing Dudhsagar, located at the border of Goa and Karnataka, is the highest waterfall in India. 1020 toes high and falling in a tiered way, the waterfall seems milky – subsequently the call.

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The fantastic inexperienced Western Ghats, the lush jungle with this vast waterfall make for a sight to cherish for a long term. The pleasant time to visit this region is from June to September while the falls are at its robust great. but the great climate to move trekking around this vicinity for a few brilliant views is from November to February.

It is time to explore the unexplored and soak in the essence and richness of these offbeat places!


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