Bangalore – Discover India’s Most Youthful City

“Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top…”

No; I am not talking about the Jamaica Farewell where Harry Belafonte had to leave a little girl in Kingston town. Here I am singing in praise of yet another youthful city called Bangalore which is always on the move. Being one of the fastest growing centers in the Indian sub continent, this mid-south township has transformed itself from a sleepy colonial retreat to a burgeoning metropolis now known as the “Silicon Valley of India”.
Why so youthful

To be precise, there are reasons galore for Bangalore to become so youthful. First of all, no other Indian region or city has so far been able to take advantage of the dot-com bubble (1997-2000) as Bangalore has done. Along with this, a combination of rapidly increasing stock prices, assurances that companies would turn profitable, individual speculation in stocks and easily available venture capital created such an environment that most investors were ready to overlook traditional metrics like P/E ratio in favor of faith in technological progress, resulting in enormous job opening. This in turn has welcomed spirited young people to congregate in Bangalore en masse and settle down in the city for good. Needless to say, these people believe in serious work and enjoyable pastimes as basics of life.

Pubs for the young at heart

Bangalore is also famous for its pubs that are mostly patronized by younger people. Some of these are described below.

Pecos Pub:  Pecos, which is best known for quality chilled beer, which is served with popcorn ‘on the house’. Being easy on the pocket and always alive with loud rock band, it is a popular hangout for college students who throng there during proxy hours.

Pecos Pub bangalore

Opus Pub Bangalore:  Opus, on Palace Road offers both indoor and outdoor seating for customers. The outdoor seating consists of low tables and comfortable cushions laid out on the floor. This pub boasts live band nights, such as ‘Booze and Clues’ with quizzing game and karaoake on Wednesdays. What’s more, this pub’s website provides lot of updated information for inquisitive customers.

Opus Pub Bangalore

Tavern Pub: Tavern, located on the Museum Road has the features of a typical English pub, sporting a longish mahogany bar and wooden stools neatly arranged in the front. Even though they serve tasty tidbits with alcoholic beverages prepared in the adjoining kitchen, the prices are rather high.

Tavern Pub bangalore

Bottom line: Bangalore is the city of young people, by the young people and for the young people.

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