6 Restaurants to Try in Margao Goa this Weekend

Where does one go to eat in Margao, Goa in weekend?? That’s a question everyone asked me. Given the absolute expanse of the city and the growing restaurant scenario, recommendations that come in will almost certainly require a thick directory. However, a weekend trip around some of the more zones in the city can give us a chance to taste some interesting food.

Longuinhos Seafood Restaurant: For those seeking to satiate a good appetite, Longuinhos is a treat to the senes in more ways. located amidst the pristine water and lush green surrounding, this beach-front sea food restaurant and bar offer variety of delicious food.

Cuisine: North-Indian,Goan & Chinese

Where: Dr Antonio Dias Building, Luis Miranda Road, Margao. Call:0832 273 9908

seafood in margao restaurant
China Gate Seafood Restaurant Margao: For those wanting tasty sea fish or north-India dishes, this Margao china gate seafood restaurant is th best choice.

Cuisine : Seafood , North-Indian , Goan , Chinese

Where: Midland Appartment, Near Woodland Hotel. Call: 0832 270 4655

Peppers North-India Restaurant: For those wanting tasty seafood, north-indian dishes and beer, this peppers restaurant is the only choice.

Cuisine: Goan , Continental , North-Indian, Seafood & Beer

Where: Gold Road, Pajifond. Call: 0832 271 1125

Navtara South-Indian Restaurant: For those wanting, north & south India cuisine, this Chinese and mughlai restaurant is best choice.

Cuisine : South-Indian,North-Indian,Chinese & Mughlai

Where: Martin Dias Road, Malbhat. Call: 0832 648 8648

Gaylin Chinese Restaurant: For those only looking tasty Chinese food with beer,this margao restaurant is the best option.

Cuisine : Chinese

Where: Valaulikar Road. Call: 0832 273 3348

Swad Restaurant: For those wanting pure veg tasty food during Goa trip, this Swad restaurant is the best choice.

Cuisine: South-Indian, North-Indian & Chinese

Where: Lilly Garment, New Market.

News Source: Govacationgo.com


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